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The Swedish Internet Foundation is formed

Until 1997 the administration of .se domain names is handled by a single person: Björn Eriksen at KTH (The Royal Academy of Science). But when the internet gets more and more popular, this is quickly becoming unteneble as Björn has to work around the clock to keep up. KTH decide that domain names are not within their area of responsibility. Therefore the Swedish Internet Foundation is formed.

Before deciding on creating a new foundation to manage the .se domain, the government is asked if they are interested in becoming top-level domain administrator for Sweden and .se. None of the departments are interested, so the Swedish Internet Foundation is founded on August 26 1997 and on October 8 the same year Björn Eriksen signs an agreement to give the foundation the rights to handle the top-level domain .se.

In April 2003 the rules surrounding registration of .se domains are eased, so that private persons can register .se domains. Before then, only corporations and registered organizations could register under .se, and the number of domain names at this time is around 200.000. After the rules are changed, the growth expands rapidly. In 2022 there are around 1.5 million .se domains. Besides managing the administration for the .se and .nu domains, the Swedish Internet Foundation works for the positive development of the internet.