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Tidas kontrollrum

Swedish invention added to Arpanet

When the Swedish electric grid goes digital, it is inspired by the Arpanet. But technical problems soon lead to an innovation which becomes a piece of Swedish internet history - and reaches the world.


Arpanet finally becomes an international network - via Sweden

Until 1973 the Arpanet is strictly an American affair. But by making a connection with Norway (through Sweden) the network becomes international. The internet.


A Swedish social network is started – the revolutionary KOM system.

In 1978 hundreds of Swedes, both scientists and private individuals, can connect to a computer for the first time and write to each other in so-called "meetings". The KOM system, an early social network, is born.


Swedish BBS - computer networking before the internet

Before the web, there are electronic bulletin boards. Using your phone line and a modem, you dial a number and connect to another computer. There, you can communicate with other people who have called up the same computer.

Commodore 64 dator med joystick och kartong

The Commodore 64 turns the Swedes into a gaming people

In the year 1982 the Commodore 64 is a hot new item in computer stores. It will become the best selling computer of all times.

Gammaldags leksaksdator med tangentbord i miniatyr.

The first Swedish e-mail: "Hello"

At two minutes past 2pm on April 7, 1983, Björn Eriksen receives the first ever e-mail sent over the internet to Sweden.


Researcher Ulf Bilting connects Sweden to the internet

In the early summer of 1984, Ulf Bilting connects Sweden to the internet. He adds the first Swedish IP network – – which is the connected to the American Arpanet.


Nordunet connects the Nordic countries, and give us an advantage

In 1985 the Nordic council of ministers choose to invest in Nordunet - a computer network to connect the Nordic science and education networks. A rapid development of the internet follows in the Nordic countries.


Björn Eriksen claims the top-level domain – and Sweden becomes .se on the internet

.se is one of the first country code top-level domains. It is registered in 1986 by Björn Eriksen.


The story of DICE – the Swedish game company – as told by the founder

Dice - from the demo scene to conquering the world with Battlefield. Here Dice founder Andreas "axl" Axelsson tells the story about how a bunch of friends from Småland, Sweden, created the powerful gaming company Digital Illusions CE - Dice.


Swipnet becomes Sweden's first commercial internet service provider

The state-owned phone company turns it down, preferring X.25 over the internet. Instead Jan Stenbeck's Comvik Skyport gets the question, and Swipnet becomes Sweden's first commercial internet service provider.


EBONE – the internet infrastructure is strengthened when Europe is connected

In 1991 the Nordic university networks are already connected. Now it's Europe's turn.

Lysators webbplats 2015.

This is Sweden's first web site

As soon as the World Wide Web was standardized, Linköping University's computer club quickly launched Sweden's first web site.

Medarbetare Aftonbladet som startade afontbladet.se

Aftonbladet.se is the first Swedish newspaper on the internet

It's the 25th of August, 1994, and Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet takes a big step when they add their culture section to the world wide web. This is the first newspaper in Sweden to publish online.

Carl Bildt utanför sommarstuga med bärbar dator, 1990-tal

Carl Bildt and Bill Clinton make history with their e-mails

On February 5th in 1994, the Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt writes an e-mail to the President of the United States Bill Clinton (and receives a response). This is the first time that two heads of governments are writing over the internet.