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Gammaldags leksaksdator med tangentbord i miniatyr.

The first Swedish e-mail: "Hello"

At two minutes past 2pm on April 7, 1983, Björn Eriksen receives the first ever e-mail sent over the internet to Sweden.

Björn Eriksen.

Björn Eriksen.

It's from Amsterdam and Jim McKie at the European Unix Network. The content is perhaps not very exciting, but it's still a historic moment. E-mail has since become the most used form of communication over the internet. In 2019 over 97% of Swedish internet users were using e-mail according to the report "Swedes and the internet":

The full text of the e-mail: 

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 83 14:02:08 MET DST
From: mcvax!jim (Jim McKie)
To: enea!ber
Subject: Hello

You are now hooked to the mcvax. This is just a test. Reply, we will be calling you again soon!

Ignore any references to a machine called "yoorp", it is just a test. Mail should go to mcvax!….".

Regards, Jim McKie. (mcvax!jim).

Björn received the e-mail on a VAX 780 running the BSD Unix operating system, placed at the software company Enea Data AB in Täby, Stockholm. The e-mail is transported using UUCP and X.25 (not TCP/IP, which has made some people question whether this can really be considered the first e-mail sent over "internet"). E-mail has at this time been sent from Sweden, via the KOM system in 1982, but over a network bridge (and with X.25). 

A few years later, Björn Eriksen registers the .se top-level domain and handles it until 1997. He passed away in 2005. Here is a movie where his friends and colleagues talk about his work (in Swedish only): 

The world's first e-mail was sent over ten years earlier

The first ever e-mail was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. This e-mail he sends to himself, from one computer to another right next to each other.