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Rapporter från it-kommissionen

Swedish government forms the IT Commission and puts one billion SEK towards schools

In March 1994 the first IT Commission is formed. It's meant to act as an advisory committee to the government, but also to spread knowledge and information about IT, and promote development and strategy.

The first commission is led by Prime Minister Carl Bildt, and is presented at a press conference on TV. The report "Wings for human ability" is presented, which points out areas where future IT projects will be the most relevant. Education and schools are singled out.

The Swedish internet pioneer Ann-Marie Nilsson is one of the members, and later also its first head of office. In the interview linked below you can listen to her story (in Swedish only).

– The commission created a vision for Sweden, and put IT on the agenda so that companies would understand that this was not something to just be handled in a separate department. That it was for the public good. That we all had to be in on it, she says.

1 billion SEK for IT

The IT Commission in its first year also forms the Foundation for Knowledge and Competence (KK-stiftelsen), which receives a billion SEK for IT projects, mainly to be used within schools.

May 31, 2003 is the end of the commission. It is by then the fourth commission in ten years. In 2012 the replacement "Digitalization committee" is formed by IT minister Anna-Karin Hatt.