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Pewdiepie starts streaming on Youtube

Felix Kjellberg begins studying industrial economy at Chalmers University of Technology, but drops out to focus on his Youtube channel. That turns out to be a smart move.

Felix has become world famous using the nick name PewDiePie. The channel he starts in 2010 quickly reaches a lot of viewers, but when he drops out to focus on his streaming career he still has to work extra in a sausage kiosk. Pretty soon he won't need any side hustles though.

His Youtube content is just him playing games and commenting what happens on the screen, always with a comical twist and funny voices. It doesn't make any sense to some people, but others consider it genious.

In 2013 PewDiePie becomes the largest channel in the world, and he gets into the Guinness book of world records.

In 2016 he is considered Sweden's most influential person, according to Time magazine which places him on the top list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In June of 2016 he has 45 million subscribers, which has made him a multi millionaire.

So what would PewDiePie do if he hadn't started his Youtube career?

"If I wasn't playing so many games, I would do more art. I've always enjoyed drawing and later working in Photoshop."