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Faster internet with broadband

1999 is a landmark year for broadband in Sweden, much thanks to Jonas Birgersson's Bredbandsbolaget. Their deal with housing giant HSB gives 350.000 apartments broadband connections

Broadband in Sweden starts a bit earlier, in 1996, when the company ÄKTV (Ängelholms Kabel-TV AB) offers cable TV internet connectivity to their 7.000 customers. During the first year 3.000 customers sign up for 300 SEK per month. In their marketing campaign you can read that it is now possible to work from home with a computer, a modem and a fax machine.

But broadband (which becomes the Swedish term to describe faster connections) makes its grand entrance in 1999 when Bredbandsbolaget signs a deal with HSB, giving 350.000 apartments access to broadband.

Telia wants to keep up, and soon budgets 1.4 billion SEK to expand their broadband in Sweden. One million households are to be connected. Sweden is soon connected in rapid speed over ADSL, cable TV and fiber.

Commercials for broadband

During these boom years, the broadband operators compete with humorous commercials on TV. Here are some examples.

Bredbandsbolaget – Bruce Bredband "Rocka Brett"

Bredbandsbolagets kunder är vana vid att det går snabbt

Telia inför trådlöst internet

Com Hem – "Surfa Com Hem style"

Com hem – "Det bästa från internet"