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Dreamhack starts in a basement in Malung

Dreamhack is the world's largest LAN party, which is a meetup where people bring their computers to connect into networks, mainly to play video games.

The whole thing starts when computer interested kids meet up in a basement room of a Malung school to swap floppy disks and knowledge. After a few years they move upstairs to the school cafeteria and since 1994 Dreamhack has been arranged every year - nowadays twice per year - but since 2001 in the Elmia convention center in Jönköping.

Dreamhack has broken many records on the number of connected computers, and is even in the Guiness' book of records. In 2013 there were over 17.000 computers there, fighting for space and bandwidth.

The company behind the LAN party is sold by the founders in 2006. A pretty good deal for the buyers, who develop the concept a lot over the next nine years. Dreamhack is sold on November 12 2015 to MTG for 244 million SEK.