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Annica Tiger svensk internetpionjär

Annica Tiger's HTML guide teach the Swedes to make their own web pages

In August 1996 Annica Tiger launches her HTML guide. It quickly becomes a hub for the growing Swedish internet world, and is the first place many budding web developers turn to learn coding HTML.

Annica has only had a computer for a little more than a year, but advances quickly and starts to explore the internet. Soon she wants to make her own web page, but can't find any good information. Her first web site therefore covers this very topic. How to make a web page.

Teaches popular programming tips for HTML and Java

Many people use here coding tips to start building their own web sites. In her web site she teaches among other things HTML, Java, CGI, and Frames. And of course how to add a counter to your web site. And her guest book is full of questions from her visitors.

"Many people reached out, and I spend a lot of time answering questions for free. It was just fun to be able to help. I wanted to show that it was easy to make your own web page", she says.

"I wanted to be a role model, and to show that girls can do it too. But it was provoking to some men, I remember. I got some hate e-mail, but most of them were positive."

Annica Tiger becomes one of Sweden's first bloggers in 1997

Annica is a pioneer also in showing how the internet can be used. In 1997 she is one of Sweden's first bloggers, a brand new word at that time. Her writings become the web site "Diary on the net", open to anyone.

In 2005 the magazine Internetworld writes about Annica Tiger that "she is the closest thing we have to a Swedish internet legendary", after her blog is named one of Sweden's top web sites.

Celerbrated at the Internet museum

Annica Tiger passes away in 2016. The comment section for her last text, written for the Internet Museums exhibition about web design, is soon filled with messages of thanks and celebrations from visitors to her web pages.