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This is Sweden's first web site

As soon as the World Wide Web was standardized, Linköping University's computer club quickly launched Sweden's first web site.

Already 1989 there is an embryo of what would become the World Wide Web. And around Christmas 1990 the world's first web browser and web server are created. At this time the web is made up purely of text, and the ability to put images and text on the same page won't be created until April 1993 when the new browser Mosaic is released.

Lysator, the computer club at Linköping University, becomes the first in Sweden to create a web page on the World Wide Web. This happens right after the Americal supercomputing institute NSCA launches the standard for www. Lysator builds their own web server, called "Spinner".

The first web site in Sweden is about Lysator and what they do, and some information about their members. The creator is the then 21 year old student Per Hedbor.

The web page Lysator is still there, and even if it's been slightly updated from time to time, it retains its original retro feel.