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Dator kretskort i lego
Foto: Kretskort av Kristina Alexanderson (CC-BY)

The most common profession in Stockholm is programmer

The most common profession in Stockholm is not teacher, nor sales clerk or nurse, but systems developer and software programmer. In 2014 there are 22.000 people in Stockholm with this profession.

If you add these 22.000 programmers with others in Stockholm who answer in the same survey that they work within tech, one in ten Stockholmers work within IT. This is an increase from 8.3 percent seven years prior.

But it's still not enough. Companies struggle to fill positions with qualified IT staff. The organization "IT & Telekomföretagen" predict that we will be short some 70.000 people with the right skills and both large tech companies and startups complain that it is difficult to recruit as they grow.

Another large obstacle to finding the right people turns out to be the housing situation in Stockholm. The lack of housing in central Stockhol means that it doesn't matter how much companies are willing to pay in salaries – the people will choose somewhere else to live.