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Sweden (almost) has the fastest broadband in the world

Do you sometimes curse your slow internet and buffering videos? Sweden is in top among countries when we measure broadband speeds.

The survey which is performed annually by Cable.co.uk analyzed over 163 million speed checks from over 200 countries all over the world in 2018. Only Singapore beat Sweden to the number one spot. 

Countries with the fastest surf speeds in  2018:

  1. Singapore, 60,39 Mbit/s
    2. Sweden, 46 Mbit/s
    3. Denmark, 43,99 Mbit/s
    4. Norway, 40,12 Mbit/s
    5. Romania, 38,6 Mbit/s
    6. Belgium, 36,71 Mbit/s
    7. The Netherlands, 35,95 Mbit/s
    8. Luxemburg, 35,14 Mbit/s
    9. Hungary, 24,01 Mbit/s
    10. Jersey (Great Britain), 30,9 Mbit/s

Size matters

The list is dominated by European countries, taking 37 out of the 50 top spots. The highest ranking countries all have fiber optic networks to thank. Poorer countries are in the bottom. Generally, the larger land mass a country has, the less developed their network speeds tend to be. So smaller countries have faster internet.

When the numbers for 2019 are presented Sweden is down to fourth place. And in 2020 Sweden slips all the way to 16th. 

Since the survey was presented for the first time in 2017 the average speed in the world has increased by 20 percent each year. Unfortunately, the slower countries are lagging behind even more. It's the top countries who increase their speeds faster and faster, and the slower countries find it hard to keep up.