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EBONE – the internet infrastructure is strengthened when Europe is connected

In 1991 the Nordic university networks are already connected. Now it's Europe's turn.

On September 1 this year, there is a small gathering of people who prefer TCP/IP from different universities in Europe. They meet in Amsterdam on the initiative of the dutchman Kees Neggers (now inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame).

The initiative they launch 290 days later is called Ebone. Bernhard Stockman and Peter Löthberg are two Swedes with important parts to play in what will become Europe's first TCP/IP network during the years when the European national telecommunications companies invest billions to make X.25 the dominating technology in the future.

In 1996 Ebone is commercialized with increased competition, but at that time the internet is common for millions of Europeans - through TCP/IP.

Do you want to know more? See our interview with Bernhard Stockman (in Swedish).